Vernaccia Valle del TirsoVernaccia Valle del Tirso

cost per bottle: € 24.9

This Vernaccia wine is soft in the mouth: iodine notes, almond, dried fruit, fig and honey are perceptible.

Its flavor envelops you with length and balance.

The color is golden, intense, and very clear.
On the nose, it’s intense with broad aromas.
Aged in small chestnut barrels.

It’s a D.O.C. wine (the first sardinian wine to obtain it in 1971) with very distinctive characteristics: dry, ethereal, fragrant.
Perfect as an aperitif and at the end of the meal, paired with almond desserts.

Wine Profile

Grape Type "Vernaccia" grape of Oristano
Color Intense amber yellow, very transparent.
Fragrance Intense, broad, with notes of almond and fig jam followed by good aromas of caramel and honey
Flavour Dry, savory, very warm, full-bodied, soft and persistent with flavors of caramel and almond
Ageing Aged in small chestnut barrels, filled to facilitate the rise of florigenous yeasts to the surface. Eleven years of aging for the type and one year of refinement in the bottle
Pairing It is a meditation wine that can be served as an aperitif or as a dessert wine, with typical almond desserts. In the kitchen with roast meat and braised meat
Alcoholic Strength 17% Vol.
Bottle Renana breganze
Serving Glass Carrè goblet glass
Serving Temperature 18°C
Producing Area Zeddiani (province of Oristano, Sardinia) in the vineyards owned by the company