Red wine “Kora Kodes” – IGT Description

Rosso "Kora Kodes" Isola dei Nuraghi IGTRosso "Kora Kodes" Isola dei Nuraghi IGTRosso "Kora Kodes" Isola dei Nuraghi IGTRosso "Kora Kodes" Isola dei Nuraghi IGT

cost per bottle: € 25.5

Kora Kodes is the name of an ancient harbour, which is chronicled in Tolomeus “Geography”, wrote in 170 A.D. Kora Kodes harbour is located south of Cornus and north of Tharros; it can be identified as the harbour of salines, documented in Middle Ages and in Modern Age, in “Su Pallosu” bay. The generous “gregori” soils house the grape varieties “Cabernet Sauvignon” and “Merlot” in “Fratelli Serra” company. The harvested grapes are destemmed and subdued to maceration at monitored temperature during 7 days. After the soft pressing, the must continues its fermentation in oak barrels. Once the fermentation is finished, the must starts its ageing process (that lasts 12 months) in small oak barrels.

Wine Profile

Grape Type Two international grape types are used to produce this wine, Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot.
Color Ruby red with violet reflections.
Fragrance ervasive, etheric, with pronounced scents of red fruits.
Flavour Round, dry, well-balanced and well-orchestrated, with an elegant profile.
Ageing 12 months in oak barrels.
Pairing Due to its maturity features, this wine pairs perfectly with meat and fowl; after meal it pairs with a lot of types of cheeses, especially hard and moderate-aged cheeses.
Alcoholic Strength 14,0 - 14,50 % Vol.
Serving Temperature 18°C. The bottle should be opened one hour before drinking, or poured in the decanter.
Producing Area Vineyards of "Fratelli Serra" company in Zeddiani (Province of Oristano), in alluvial soil ("Gregori" type).