The “Fratelli Serra” winery was established in the beginning of 20th century by Giovanni Antonio Serra, grandfather of the current owners of the winery. In the fifties the winery passed to the parents and the uncles of the current owners – the Serra brothers – which increased the wine production and expanded the winery. The “Fratelli Serra” winery has obtained many acknowledgments and awards both at regional
and national level.

The “Fratelli Serra” was the first Sardinian winery to achieve the prestigious DOC acknowledgment, thanks to the wine “Vernaccia di Oristano”. The winery is the only one in Sardinia that benefits from the constant support and experience of the Agriculture faculty of the University of Sassari: this scientific contribution is successfully integrated in the life of this winery that maintains ancient traditions.

In 1992 the winery passed to the grandchildren of the founder – the Serra brothers – one of whom deals with the commercial branch of the company, while the other takes care of the winemaking. Their commitment and their will to improve is evident both in the vineyard and in the wine cellar: they recently invested in purchasing of new equipment that allowed to improve considerably the winemaking technique.

The Serra brothers produce the famous “Vernaccia” of Oristano, a wine obtained from the namesake grapes.